Happy ALL of the Holidays!

Happy ALL of the Holidays!

Geek Foundry Owner, Efrem R. Jasso with Santa hat
Geek Foundry Owner, Efrem R. Jasso, getting into the virtual spirit of the holiday season

I don’t normally sit down and just start writing out a blog post with no real structure or topic of focus but this is kind of an exception. I has been too long since I’ve updated the Geek Blog and I felt like I owe it to my readers to post an update so they know I’m still alive and kicking. 2017 has been a tremendously busy year for the Geek Foundry crew, which is primarily me with the occasional help from Teenage Son™. I count him as part of the crew but as he’s not Officially on the payroll, yet, it’s still a one-Geek operation from top to bottom at this point and that means I have to wear a lot of hats. On top of this, some of my friends and customers who have met me in person might also know that certain events transpired over the summer that put me in a position to accept an offer for a full-time job with a super cool company here in Wisconsin, so that has also been a huge part of where my time has been getting absorbed. Now before you go worrying about whether or not I’m closing up shop here, that’s not gonna’ happen. I have every intention of keeping Geek Foundry up and running. I love doing this stuff and am working hard toward a time when my little store can generate enough revenue to not only pay me, but pay for an employee. One step at a time, right?

This year saw another Geek Craft Expo Midwest show, where we hawked our wares over a weekend. It was good to catch up with other vendors we know and love but the weekend wasn’t the best weekend as far as cons and shows go. We are very excited, however, to start thinking about the Spring Geek Craft Expo Midwest which will be happening on the weekend of March 3rd and 4th, 2018–so mark your calendars for that shindig.

Fantasy Artist, Larry Elmore, Game Hole Con 2017
Fantasy Art Legend Larry Elmore holding a sword by Albion Swords at Game Hole Con 2017. Image © Geek Foundry, LLC.

Another major milestone in the Geek Foundry historical timeline was our participation as a vendor at this year’s Game Hole Con. Now THAT was a blast. It also put this old Geek’s feet, ankles, knees, and hips to the test, standing on hard concrete in a small booth at a gaming con for four days. Two highlights of the weekend were when fantasy art legend Larry Elmore stopped by our booth for a pleasant chat and traded family history stories with me, and when Ernest Gary Gygax Jr., son of the legendary granddaddy of Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax, stopped in for a nice non-gaming related chat. It was really nice to just have a down-to-earth talk with these guys and now get bogged down in stories they’ve heard a million times over about this character or that module.

Now that the holiday season is in full-swing, I kind of feel late to the party. I wish I had a couple of weeks back so I could get my head adjusted properly and get into the spirit of things a bit sooner. Even with three weeks left till Christmas I’m eager to crank up the holiday tunes*, break out the slippers and comfy lounging sweater, and curl up by our tree with a hot cup of cocoa and catch up on the latest Knights of the Dinner Table Bundle of Trouble by Jolly R. Blackburn & the Kenzer Co. crew.

Whatever holiday or holidays you celebrate this season, I hope it’s warm, safe, and happy. Catch up with you soon(er than last time)!






*The Geek Foundry crew listens faithfully to Christmas Lounge and Christmas in Frisko on somafm.com: http://somafm.com/christmas/ & http://somafm.com/xmasinfrisko/


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