Another Great GeekCraft Expo

Another Great GeekCraft Expo

March sure opened strong with another excellent show under our belts: GeekCraft Expo’s Spring Fling. This was the third time we’ve participated as a vendor in this local craft show tailored to make any geek’s dreams come true with the selection of truly excellent merchandise on display there. The Spring Fling was something the Geek Foundry crew was really looking forward to and it did not disappoint. We were sad to see that a couple of friends didn’t show this year but nevertheless, there were some cool new vendors showing off their goods. We even got lucky enough to get some excellent exposure from a local news source, WKOW 27, who ran an article and video segment on the show.

We brought our trade stock of Wisconsin red oak Dice Boxes, Studded Armor dice pouches, Dragon Born dice pouches, Gamer Emergency Kits, Game Master Emergency Kits, and our Emergency D20s. The Game Master Emergency Kit was the big seller this year which made me both happy and a little sad as I may have to discontinue this product. Printing costs for the dry-erase MiniMat Battle Grids™ are fairly steep, so I’ve got to find a local printer in the Madison area who can work with me on more affordable pricing for these gems. If you happen to know somebody who’s great with silk screening, please pass their contact info on to me here via our Contact form.

Once we’ve survived the Ides of March and Spring genuinely starts to wake from its slumber, production will kick into high gear at the Geek Foundry HQ. Our goal this year is to come up with at least two new products that we’ll be showcasing on the site–or maybe we’ll keep them as a surprise for Game Hole Con this November. We’ll just have to wait and see how strong my will power to keep a secret is. Either way, it’s going to be a great year for our friends and supporters! Stay tuned for more…



* Photo of Geek Foundry at the GeekCraft Expo Spring Fling, 2018 courtesy WKOW 27 News.


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