Geek Foundry Wizard-Worthy Dice Box

Geek Foundry Wizard-Worthy Dice Box


A truly Wizard-Worthy magical dice containment field for your precious polyhedrals.

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Product Description

50 points to Gryffindork if you acquire this Wizard-Worthy red oak dice box! Made right here in Wisconsin from locally sourced red oak, this limited run of boxes features some of the coolest metal feet we’ve seen: Snow Owls!

When you find yourself in possession of a limited quantity of feet like this, what else do you do than pair them up with some fantastically colored felt and beautifully stained red oak to make one of the coolest dice boxes on the planet. OK, so, we’re a *wee bit* biased, but you know you love the look of this magical dice containment field.

Stop pottering, err ehm, puttering around and grab one of these before they sell out. Only 3 were produced in this run because of the limited quantity of snow owl feet we could acquire.

True story: I had the privilege to meet the legendary Gary Gygax, father of Dungeons & Dragons, just before his death. He was at Gen Con promoting a new RPG he was behind and he looked tired. I kept the chatter brief but conveyed to him my deep appreciation and admiration for introducing me to a lifetime of adventure. In closing I simply said in my best Hagrid voice, “You’re a wizard, Gary! Thank you.” He smiled from ear to ear, nodded his head, and said, “Thank you for your support–and more importantly, thank you for making me laugh.” RIP Gary Gyax.


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