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Dragon Born Dice Pouch with Dice


We promise that no dragon sacks were harmed in the making of these pouches.

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Product Description

From the depths of ancient forests, in twisting cold, dark caves
Comes an item rare and wondrous, many an adventurer craves…
-DM Dante

These hand-made green dragon “skin” pouches come with embellishments rarely found on dice pouches: A metal, spring-loaded cord lock to cinch your drawstrings, and metal end-caps to protect the ends of the soft, braided cord that holds your precious dice.

Inside of the sleek, shiny green dragon skin pouch are a full set of seven polyhedral RPG dice: d4, d6, d9, d10 (o1-09, 10-100), d12, d20. The dice set color may vary and is random in each pouch.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Dragon Born Dice Pouches

Q: “Are these made of real dragon skin?”
A: Yes. They’re hand-cut from the dragons of Vinylia and treated to be durable, yet supple… No. Of course not.

Q: “How many sets of dice can this pouch hold?”
A: At least five sets at last count. Your mileage may vary.

Q: “Are these to scale?”
A: We see what you did there.

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