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Geek Foundry Emergency D20


Break glass in case of gaming emergency. Otherwise add to your shelf of gaming knick-knacks and admire. Does not require water or sunlight.

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What do you get the gamer who has everything? Another d20 to add to their collection–but not just any d20–you get them the one-and-only Geek Foundry Emergency D20. An old friend had a habit of throwing his d20s across the room when they started to “roll cold.” After a couple of years, a considerably sized hole formed in the drywall where the dice would smash and bounce off in random directions. One day he ran out of backup d20s and panicked. Thus was born the Geek Foundry Emergency D20.

Makes for a perfect thank you gift, birthday gift, holiday gift, or gag gift for your GM, DM or gamer loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Geek Foundry Emergency D20:

Q: “This says break glass. This isn’t glass.”
A: 10 points for Gryffindork! It’s not glass, it’s plexiglass, a.k.a. plastic. It’s a joke.

Q: “How do I get this out of the case?”
A: If necessary, simply open the bottom. We didn’t glue those shut.

Q: “How do I roll this in the box?”
A: (after a few moments of blinking…) Uhm…carefully? On the other hand, if you’re into that whole GM fiat thing you can just power slam it down on the table and yell “NAT 20, SUCKAS!” We don’t actually recommend power slamming it down on a table, however, and our attorneys have advised us to advise against this so, yeah, don’t actually do that.

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