Studded Armor Dice Pouch - Gold

Studded Armor Dice Pouch with Dice


Tote your dice in classic adventuring style, stand out in the crowd, and look like you were made for adventure with this Studded Armor Dice Pouch.


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So you’ve left your home and hit the road to fame and fortune. You’ve trained hard and think you’re ready to brave the challenges and dangers of the world at large. You pull into town and zero in on the local armorer, looking to kit up as a sell-sword. Only problem is, your coin pouch is a bit light and your options for what’s on the menu are limited. A glint of steel standing out on an ink-black field catches your eye as you spot the gear you want–but more importantly, can afford this early in your adventuring career: Studded Leather Armor.
-DM Dante

Almost every D&D player or RPG player in general has owned the well-known, go-to set of armor at first level. Studded Leather Armor is usually the first decent source of protection low-level adventurers can afford, and like that armor, these dice pouches will keep your special dice safe and sound. Plus you’ll look cool as Hell when you toss this pouch on the game table.

Our Studded Armor Dice Pouch is made of a pliable, yet sturdy rubberized cloth material and it embellished with a metal cord lock to cinch the soft, braided cord that will close tightly to protect your precious gems. The ends of the cord are further protected with matching metal end-caps to keep the cord ends from fraying.

The pouches come in two colors: Gold studs on black or Silver studs on black.

Inside of each pouch is a full set of seven polyhedral RPG dice: d4, d6, d9, d10 (o1-09, 10-100), d12, d20. The dice set color may vary and is random in each pouch.

Tote your dice in classic adventuring style, stand out in the crowd, and look like you were made for adventure.

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Additional information

Stud Color

Gold studs, Silver studs

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