SJG Munchkin Holiday Surprise

Munchkin Holiday Surprise


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with your Munchkin dead in this cheery, holiday game expansion.

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Product Description

Have you been a naughty Munchkin or nice Munchkin? Ah, screw it, this little bundle of holiday joy is for all Munchkins!

This holiday-themed expansion to the classic game, Munchkin, is sure to be a great gift this season. With 68 new cards excellently illustrated by legendary local Madison, Wisconsin artist John Kovalic, you’ll get
everything from the first three Christmas boosters plus the 2012 booster, plus there are even some promotional cards that were never available for sale at retail!

But wait–that’s not all! You’ll also get four NEW CARDS plus the “Christmas Kill-O-Meter” (unique to this set only), and if that’s not enough, you also get two Special Munchkin Dice–both in holiday colors of pearly red and green–and a fancy rule book! It’s enough to make Ron Popeil turn green with envy and squee with joy at the same time.

Turn your Munchkin game into a genuine holiday special.


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