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Mangaka: The Game of Drawing Manga (Comics)


You think the life of a Manga artist is tough? In Mangaka you ARE the Manga artist and you’ve got just a few precious minutes to draw your best manga based on random obsession cards that you draw from a deck.

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Mangaka is a fast-paced card game where you draw and write comics in five-minute bursts. While this is a game about drawing, you can still win even if you’ve never drawn a stick figure in your life. Cleverness, silliness, quick wit and storytelling ability matter much more than your ability to draw.

Challenge your friends and your creativity in a battle against time! The core of the game are two card decks: Themes and Trends. Start by drawing three Theme Cards to determine the subject of your comic. With over 180,000 possible combinations, you’ll never run out of ideas.

Then, you and the other players must draw comics and express your Themes before time runs out. Fleeting Trend Cards add another dimension of strategy: your fickle readers this round may demand Science Fiction, Fantasy, Shojo Manga, Sports, Destruction or any one of 52 Trends. Each round brings more Panels to draw and Trends to chase than the round before.

When the final round ends, the winner is the one with the most Fame Tokens…but every player ends the game with a comic of their own creation.

Mangaka is for 1-8 players ages 13 and up and generally takes from 30-90 minute play time.

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