Inn-Fighting: D&D Dice Game


Inn Fighting: A fast-paced dice game to test your mug mettle and tavern-fu!

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Break the fourth wall–and a few beer mugs–with Wizard of the Coast’s Inn Fighting: D&D Dice Game! This is the game that heroes and common folk alike play in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy worlds, and now you can bring it out of the pages of fantasy and play it at your game table.

With a boatload of characters to play, your actions are determined by a roll of the dice. Will you launch a lager at the off-key bard, or will you break a leg–a chair leg, that is–on the boasting barbarian’s knee? Because every game you play is different, you’ll get high replay value with Inn Fighting.

Inn Fighting comes with:

  • Six special six-sided dice
  • One twenty-sided die
  • 52 Character Cards
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