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Phew! That time flew by…

Melting Time

Wow. So here we are in March of 2017 already and I’m horribly behind in keeping up with the Geek Blog. My apologies to the regular readers who have been waiting for updates. It has been a busy couple of months as I slogged through tax season (done ahead of schedule and glad to be […]

Game Hole Con: November 2nd-5th, 2017

Game Hole Con Shield 2017

Come out for four days of intense gaming and shopping and stop by the Geek Foundry booth at this year’s Game Hole Con! We’ll be hauling assets and hawking our wares which consist of board games, card games, role playing games, gaming accessories, anime collectibles, and a Unique Geek line of products Made in Wisconsin! […]

Attack On Titan Deck Building Game

Attack on Titan Deck Building Game

One of the games we picked up over this recent holiday season was Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Attack On Titan Deck Building Game. I may have been more excited to play this than Teenage Son, who received the game for Christmas. Having watched the first season with him–several times–we set out to see how game play compared […]

Poo: The Card Game

Poo the Card Game

This week we’re taking a look at a fast, fun card game that you can play with family and friends in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. It’s called Poo: The Card Game. Now before you get grossed out by the title, let me just say monkeys, mayhem, and poo. Did that help? Even […]

4th Quarter Lessons Learned

Abstract art

I’m sitting in our family room watching my son (a.k.a. “Teenage Son” if you follow me on Twitter) play the latest video game he downloaded from Steam. He’s a pretty good video gamer but the way he spins his characters around on screen turns a normally fun-to-watch game into Puke-O-Vision pretty quickly. That’s OK as […]

A New Hope…

Efrem & Grandpa George

As I sit here this evening and think about the events of this past week, one thing keeps floating to the top of my mind that set the lens through which I’m going to look as I gaze toward the future of how I work and interact with people. I wanted to share this with […]

The One That Got Away…


As a gamer geek and a newly minted game store owner/operator, nothing could be more exciting than to have a genuine Gamer CelebrityTM like one of your Tweets, Posts, or photos. So that happened to me today. Or at least it did for a little while. I was taking a break from housecleaning (by the […]

Even the Best Laid Plans…

Ground Control to Geek Foundry...

We’re LIVE! I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally have the site go live after all of the long hours and hard work put into making this happen. Let me just say that I have awesome friends and family for helping make this dream a reality. But, as with the best laid […]